Matthews MPERIA™ Production Line Controller was developed as a universal platform for various Matthews print technologies, now you can manage messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations.  MPERIA™ is a scalable system, allowing your business to grow without impacting your marking system.

Pairing an intuitive, touch screen GUI with PC-based hardware, the MPERIA™ controller is simple to use and is available in several sizes to meet your needs.  The MPERIA™ has the ability to drive multiple technologies, such as high resolution inkjet, thermal inkjet, and drop-on demand valve jet from a single interface. Automation integration functions for scanners, material handling control, and custom GUI are also available.  Seamless integration with ERP systems and databases helps to reduce coding errors and improves productivity.  The system allows you to control functions remotely to alleviate operator error or to efficiently coordinate multiple printers simultaneously.  Connectivity options include Ethernet or wireless capabilities.

MPERIA Controller Brochure

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