FoxJet’s SoloSeries thermal inkjet printers are easy to use, economical, and industrial HP Inkjet printers that deliver the quality you expect at the price you want. The FoxJet Marksman HHI controller offers a simple solution for controlling a daisy chain of print heads without the use of a PC. This compact handheld device can control up to 16 print heads in two daisy chains and allows the user easy access to change messages. FoxJet’s SoloSeries 45 print head offers up to 5 lines of print with varying character heights, built-in autocodes such as date, time, count and expiration make the printer easy to use.  The SoloSeries 90 print head offers up to a 1” tall print area for alphanumerics, logos and barcodes with NO MANUAL STITCHING. And their robust build with stainless steel faceplates provides durability and longevity.

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