The FoxJet ProSeries high resolution inkjet sytems offer best-in-class print heads work with all FoxJet Marksman controllers. The 384 and 768 high resolution print heads print crisp 2” and 4” tall images including alphanumeric text, graphics, logos and bar codes on boxes, trays and other porous surfaces.  The Trident-based print heads offer a stainless steel ink path with automatic priming system for reliable and consistent printing.  Industrial-grade construction offers ultimate durability for trouble-free operation in the toughest environments. The 384 and 768 print heads come with a standard one year warranty and are serviceable for maximum print head life.  In addition to printhead options, FoxJet ProSeries product line offers 3 flexible stand-alone industrial controllers that are capable of operating two production lines simultaneously with up to four print heads. The controller features rugged stainless steel cases offering durability in the toughest production environments, and is TUV and CE tested and compliant. The Windows XP Professional operating system is reliable and familiar to most users, making it simple to operate. And the solid state, industrial grade hard drive keeps data secure.

384-768 Printhead Brochure

Elite Controller Brochure

Matrix Controller Brochure

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