Whether you're looking for your first coder or adding a basic, reliable ink jet printer to improve your operation, the Videojet 37e is a case study in cost efficiency. It's a complete non-contact system that lets you print a variety of codes and messages including date, time and serializer codes in one or two line formats. If you need both Videojet quality and consistent coding performance, we have just the system for you.

Designed for Serious Coders

We build the Videojet 37e for people who can't afford downtime. That's why it has a rugged exterior and an even tougher interior. For example the Videojet 37e features a sealed keyboard, corrosion-resistant cabinet, streamlined hydraulics, refined stainless steel printhead, compact footprint, your choice of using your shop air or the printer's own industrial-grade air compressor and more. It all contributes to a system that enhances our reputation for reliability where it counts...on your production line.

Performance you can count on every day.
Quality Code Resolution -- Always

The Videojet 37e uses "continuous ink jet" technology in a patented single nozzle design that delivers field proven high reliability. Videojet's SurePrint® software insures that print quality is always at its best by continually checking the ink viscosity. This results in crisp, clear codes and prevents nozzle clogs, even with fast-drying inks. Codes that enhance the appearance and value of your products.

Engineered for Your Convenience

Almost more impressive than what the Videojet 37e can do is how it operates. We've made it the most operator-friendly coder to help reduce errors that can cause downtime. The features include: an easy-to-read full-size keyboard built right into the Videojet 37e; backlit LCD readout of the code that lets operators spot errors before printing; eye-level "guiding lights" on the keyboard to lead operators through simple start-up procedures; and a system that enables codes to be created, edited and printed with just a few key strokes. Finally, a coder that works as smart as you do.

The Most Versatile Coder Available

At the touch of an "insert" key, the Videojet 37e lets you easily create and print one or two line alphanumeric codes and messages. Our exclusive 12-foot printhead cable enables convenient placement of the printer, at almost any point in the production process. Your Videojet 37e also uses a variety of carefully formulated and tested Videojet InkSource® inks for maximum performance on virtually any substrate. Smart solutions for every coding challenge.

Backed by Videojet TotalSource

TotalSource is the finest and most complete technical support system in the business. It includes everything from applications assistance, training, maintenance and complete support services. It's all part of the Videojet commitment to customer satisfaction. Technical support when and where you need it.

You can discuss the entire line of Videojet products by calling us at 877-960-9937.